STRADA RECYCLING POLICIES - Items & Materials STRADA Recycling Does Not Accept

Please be aware that STRADA Recycling follows local environmental guidelines as well as have our own set regulations, which apply to both our customers and our employees.

The below items will be accepted only if properly prepared as described below:
• All fridges, freezers and air conditioners are accepted after freon is evacuated/ removed.
• All Copper grades - # 1 & #2 Copper, insulated copper wire, electric motors, starters and alternators, ect.
• All Aluminum grades - Old sheet aluminum, aluminum rims, extrusion, insulated Aluminum wire, ACSR, Aluminum Turnings, Litho Sheet, ect.
• Stainless Steel - Stainless steel sinks, Stainless industrial appliances, Stainless Industrial equipment
• All types of Brass's - Yellow Brass, Hard Brass, Red Brass, C Metal, brass Turnings ect.
• Lead and Lead Acid Batteries
• Catalytic Convertors

• Drums & barrels must be thoroughly cleaned. (All prior labeling must be removed.)
• Tanks must be cleaned & a hole 1 foot square cut into a side.
• All cylinders must be cut in half.
• Aerosol cans must be empty, plastic caps removed, and have a hole punctured.

The Below items are not accepted at our recycling yard:
• Refrigerants (including CFCs and Freon) in refrigerators and air conditioners.
• Wood, yard debris, concrete, glass, garbage, or other non-metallic material.
• Asbestos or asbestos containing materials.
• Containers containing oils, gasoline, other petroleum products, and propane cylinders.
• Items that contain PCBs, including capacitors in older light ballast’s, and electrical transformers.
• Paint cans or other pressurized containers.
• Fluorescent lights, mercury vapor lights, associated fixtures, or ballast’s.
• Explosives or explosive materials.
• Any radioactive materials.
• Any material containing hazardous or toxic substances.